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Method for preserving resin

Adsorption is usually stored in a wet state, at a storage temperature is usually 0-40 ℃, when the storage temperature is below 0 ℃, the bag should be clarified saturated brine was added, soaked resin. If exposed to the air, the resin may be partially Drying, since most of the hydrophobic adsorption resin for re-hydration of the resin, the resin should be part of the loss of water adsorbed in methanol or other water-soluble solvents (such as ethanol, acetone ) fully immersed, totally after soaking, rinse the replacement of methanol.

Resin pretreatment

In the adsorption resin production process, generally using industrial grade materials, products, without further purification, so a small amount of residual monomer inside the resin often porogen and other organic impurities, it must be pretreated before use.

Adsorption resin pretreatment method is as follows:

1 will be ready to use the new resin column is mounted, with about 2-fold volume of methanol or other water-soluble solvents (such as ethanol, acetone) to soak 2 hours, stirring from time to time, so that the resin was thoroughly swollen.

2 would have been fully swollen resin adsorption column packed with a flow rate of 3-4 bed volumes per hour, the methanol will be 5-8 times or other water-soluble solvents (such as ethanol, acetone) through the resin layer, water was added to the effluent dilution constant mix.

3 After alcohol treatment, the flow rate per hour, 6-8 bed volumes of deionized water through the resin layer, the replacement of methanol for use.

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