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Brand Products Type Application Technical indicators
YKC100E YKW100E Food Grade Resin Drinking water softening, desalting and removing metal ions Detail
YKDH-4 Alcohol purification resin Alcohol removes esters and solids Detail
YKWE415 Alcohol purification resin Reduce the content of tartaric acid and salicylic acid and improve the taste quality of the wine. Detail
YKWE416 Alcohol purification resin Remove the content of metal ions in wine and improve the quality of wine Detail
YKWE417 YKWE418 Alcohol purification resin Liquor purification to improve flavor Detail
YKGF01 YKGF02 Fruit juice purification resin Purify the juice, remove the bitterness, improve the color value of the juice and improve the light transmittance Detail
YKGF11 YKGF12 Fruit juice purification resin Remove metal ions from fruit juice and improve flavor Detail
YKGF13 YKGF14 Fruit juice purification resin Purification and desalination of fructose Detail
YKGF15 YKGF16 Fruit juice purification resin Decolorization of fruit acid to improve light transmittance Detail
YKGF03 Fruit juice purification resin Removing pesticide residues in fruit juice Detail
YKTS-3 YKTS-4 YKTS-5 Special resin for food Decolorization of edible soy sauce Detail
YKWD-8 Special resin for food and medicine Drug extraction, acid removal and decolorization of sugar solution, water treatment Detail
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