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· Macroporous Adsorption Resin

Brand Products Type Application Technical indicators
YKDH-22 Macroporous adsorption resin Isolation and purification of Citrus limonin Detail
YKDH-21 Macroporous adsorption resin It is mainly used for the adsorption and extraction of vitamin B12 and other antibiotics Detail
YKDH-1 Macroporous adsorption resin Nicotine purification、Separation of phenolic acid and phenol lactone、Stevioside extraction, organic matter extraction and separation, flavonoids extraction. Equivalent to Amberlite XAD-2,Amberlite XAD-4,Daion HP-20 Detail
YKDH-2 Macroporous adsorption resin Remove flavonoids and alkaloids, extract saponins, gardenoside, camptothecin, molting, Centella asiatica glycosides, total saponins of Panax notoginseng, Forsythia suspensa, tea polyphenols, soybean isoflavones, puerarin, chlorophyll and other natural dru Detail
YKDH-3 Macroporous adsorption resin Pharmaceutical food processing, flavonoids extraction, organic matter removal, etc Detail
YKDH-4 Macroporous adsorption resin Removal of acid lipids Detail
YKDH-5 Macroporous adsorption resin Morning glory red pigment adsorption, sorghum bubble fruit red pigment adsorption, lycopene, carotene adsorption, etc. Detail
YKDH-9 Macroporous adsorption resin Alkaloid separation, flavonoids extraction, tea polyphenols, catechins, EGCG Detail
YKDH-11 Macroporous adsorption resin Organic wastewater treatment, adsorption of organic matter, phenol, Pesticide wastewater treatment ,etc Detail
YKDH-14 Macroporous adsorption resin Juice purification, decolorization of fruit acid and debitterness. Detail
D101 Macroporous adsorption resin Extraction of natural products such as saponin flavonoid, and other organics Detail
AB-8 Macroporous adsorption resin Extraction of natural stevia sugar, proanthocyanidin Detail
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