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·Special resin

Brand Products Type Application Technical indicators
YKTA-1 Ion Exchange Resin Remove free strong acids (such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid) from water Detail
YKTA-2 Ion Exchange Resin Desalination and decolorization of xylose Detail
YKTA-3 Ion Exchange Resin Remove formic acid contained in formaldehyde; Formaldehyde deacidification Detail
YKTA-4 Ion Exchange Resin It is used for the treatment of water sources with high salt content and organic matter content Detail
YKTA-5 Ion Exchange Resin Removal of sulfate ions Detail
YKTA-9 Special resin Sulfate ion removal Detail
YKTA-6 YKTA-7 YKTA-8 Special resin Chloride ion removal Detail
YKTB-1 Ion Exchange Resin Remove carbonate, bicarbonate and other alkaline salts Detail
YKTC-2 Ion Exchange Resin Special resin for nitrate removal Detail
YKTB-2 Ion Exchange Resin Separation and purification of biochemical drugs Detail
YKTC-1 Ion Exchange Resin Special resin for arsenic removal Detail
YKTD-1 Ion Exchange Resin Special resin for silicon removal Detail
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